Justice, United Pentecostal Church


The good news is I am continuing to write. The bad news is I have spent pretty much my entire day processing. I feel like my brain has two parallel tracks. The child’s mind track and my adult mind track. They both exist at the same time but hold two very different opinions. When I seek to tell the story from the perspective of my child’s mind I see my abuser as a confused man. A man taken over by his impulses, I see him as partly sympathetic. When I allow the adult part of my mind to do the talking she has a much different story to tell. She sees him as an evil manipulator who stole my childhood and consumed it with relish. The child within seeks to understand why he would commit such acts and assumes he could not help himself. The adult sees each step of the path and how his decisions one by one added up to the crime he committed. Right now at this moment, I hate them all, all the adults who have let me down. I teeter on the edge of falling into an ocean of my own tears. There is a loneliness in all of this. There is a feeling that no one can really understand the depth of the damage that was done to me. Even though I know there are others I feel freakish and like a sideshow. My heart weeps for my 11-year-old self. How could she have been so alone and neglected that Steve looked like the best option for friendship? Where were all of the adults?

After I finished writing for the day I painted my nails and watched a little television. I was trying to distract myself from the heaviness in my chest. In a few minutes, I intend to do some yoga to try to bring some calm. I’m trying to maintain some sense of balance. The reality is I think I could work on this story day and night only taking breaks to eat and go to the bathroom. It is burning a hole through me and it won’t let me be. It’s all I can think about. As I’m pounding this blog post out on my laptop justice pops into my mind. I could not get justice from the law and what if I can’t get justice from writing this book? What if I never get justice? What if I put all this down on the page and it just sits there? We have seen what has happened within the Catholic church and now the Southern Baptist church, when will it be our turn? Who will bust the story wide open for us? All of us broken souls searching for justice. Right now I feel like the UPC is laughing at us. It feels like something has got to give but it can be hard to believe that things will ever be different. When will they face justice? Let it be soon.

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